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Green Seal

A Fresh Start was the first maid service, and one of the first commercial cleaners in Denver to use Green Seal Certified products exclusively.

Building green is a step to taking responsibility for your company and its production for future generations.  The reasons for making this choice may simply be saving money in the long-term, but its affects are long-lasting.

Green Seal certified means the materials used by companies that have this seal are better for the environment from production to use to disposal.  Green Seal strives to provide environmentally friendly substitutes to standard janitorial cleaning systems.  This gives companies an opportunity to use healthier, safer alternatives.

In order to become Green Seal certified, the products undergo scrupulous testing including trips to the factory.  Green Seal uses a variety of areas for input in how to set their standards and how to maintain them.  The result is a product ensured of high performance, low environmental impact and healthier places to live and work.